Ashdown Music Festival 2018: Farewell Gala Concert

Dear Fans, Followers & Friends of the AMF, 
I hope you are well as the summer sun dips below the horizon. The sun is also setting on the AMF: it is not without sadness that the AMF is now in the throes of organising its final event, the Farewell Gala Concert. My increasingly busy career takes me all over the world with little time to spare to organise a Festival of this size.
On the up-side, I’m not quite done yet! I have one more massive Gala up my sleeve and I plan to make this our most unforgettable concert yet, so please do support the AMF on our final lap. 
Farewell Gala Concert: Saturday 10th November at 7pm in the Theatre at Michael Hall School, Forest Row.
The stunning programme will include a Cello and Bassoon duet, a Vivaldi re-mix, featuring Philharmonia principal bassoonist, the super-talented Emily Hultmark, together with myself Reinoud Ford. Also on the programme is the Beethoven septet opus 20, a rare and exhilarating musical experience. 
And most spectacularly, we are hugely lucky to welcome to our Gala the Zen Balancing Artist Miyoko Shida Rigolo performing Sanddorn Balance created by Mädir Rigolo. Miyoko’s act is unlike anything I have ever seen before: I recently saw her perform at King’s Place in London: you could have heard a pin drop. 
Not only is the dancer drawn into their own dance, the audience is drawn in as well. Her breathing becomes our breathing; her heartbeat, our heartbeat. It is music. (Donnie Hayden, The Gathering Place)

Miyoko Shida RIGOLO

Miyoko’s act has garnered several million views online and we are so lucky to have her gracing our event. Come and enjoy this sensational act LIVE on our AMF final concert stage!
Tickets to go on sale the weekend of Saturday 6th/ Sunday 7th October. 
We hope to be able to count on your support and enthusiasm. We are very excited for this one! 
Reinoud Ford, Director 
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